नफ़रत है मुझे

December 8, 2008 by

काले लिबास को ओढे,
झूठी शान-शौकत,
रखने वालों से,
नफ़रत है मुझे.

मुँह में राम,साथ में गोली,
शांति का चोला पहनकर ,
खेलता वो,रक्त की होली ,
इनसे,नफ़रत है मुझे .

दिल में,द्वेष का विष दबाये,
झूठी हंसी, हंसने वालों से,
जो उनकी तारीफ़ करते हैं.
इनसे,नफ़रत है मुझे .

ज़नाजे पर जाकर ,
आँख नम करने वाले,
बस चंद, सिक्कों की खातिर,
लोगों से ,नफ़रत है मुझे .

अपने चूल्हे में आग नहीं,
दूसरों के घरों में ,
आग लगाने वालों से,
नफ़रत है मुझे .

घर में दो सूखी रोटी नहीं नहीं ,
बच्चे भूख से बिलख ,
शराब में धुत्त बाप से ,
नफ़रत है मुझे .

प्यार की आड़ में ,
ख्वाबी संगमर्मर के ताजमहल ,
बनाने वालों से,
नफ़रत है मुझे .

जल रहा आज इंशान,
नफ़रत की आग में,
ऐसे विषैले नफ़रत से,
हाँ ,नफ़रत है मुझे .


Global problem -AIIDS

November 30, 2008 by

“Prevention is the best way ,
To drive the AIIDS away ”

(The cast below is made by me on the above topic at AIIMS)



He was isolated from the society. . . He was isolated from the family and lastly her wife also left him. . . . He was lying on the bed ,counting the days of his rest life. . . Everything was futile for him. … Having cough and cold. . . Caught Diarrhea. . .The drug against his disease failed. . . .The life was curse for him. . . This great enemy was AIIDS,his one mistake of the life changed all the scenario of his life. . . .

Dear all. .
Today is world AIIDS awareness day. . . Being a doctor ,i would like to remind you “prevention is the best way ,To drive the AIIDS away “. The nos. of the patient are increasing day by day ,spreading its legs specially in north east India,Maharastra,Kerala and Metro cities. . .
Prevention is better then cure. . . . Once you suffer,you loss your life. . . So your awareness is the best way to prevent it. . .
My well wishes to all of you to have good health always.And also my kind request to you to spread the awareness to your neighbours , friends ,and those who are still unaware of it.

Dr.Abhay Kumar,
Dept.of Surgery,

Winter and your Health

November 11, 2008 by

Dear all ,
The wheel of the season has turned ,the winter is welcoming you. . . . Many of you like this season and many of you dislike. . . . What ever be.Its disguise for the poor where hundreds of the life is engulfed by the winter.This is enemy of the poor.And also for we all if we dont take proper measure.

Dear friends,today i will discuss some common tips for you that may smoothen your life and make your life healthy.

1.Winter has approached,arrange your warm ,woolen cloths. Wash all your old cloths and if not then buy newer one. Any how, dont be careless otherwise you may be sufferer.

2. Dont show yourself to be hero.Dont try to prove that your body is irony, you have to pay otherwise. The falling tempsature will be not handeled by your previous adapted body condition

3. The changing winter season invites many problem only due to your negligence.Cough and cold , fever ,hyper sensitivity reaction may disturb your routine life. But a little prevention will certainly maintain your health.

4.Your face may not handle the changing tempsature and humidity so use some good face cream according to acceptablity,not as fashion.

5.To take bath everyday is necessary either in summer or winter but, take precaution dear. If it’s early morning then use warm water.Be yourself sure your body is completely dry after taking bath. Now wear clean and warm cloths.

6. Many of you use angiti or oven in night when you sleep,and the door room is completely packed having no ventilation .It will really endanger your life. You are asleep and a poisonous gas carbon moonoxide is poisoning your blood. So dont use oven in close room.Its so dangerous that without alarming you ,it may take your life.

7. For driving in winter you must take special precaution.The low tempsature is very dangerous when you are driving. Must wear air tight jacket,shoes ,cover ears.And if possible drive only when the fog has gone .And your vehicle must have good light while driving,it will reduce accident.

8. For travellers –
you are going in trip to unknown place. Confirm the tempsature of that place earlier and arrange the cloths according to that and for the journey. Your negligence will spoil temptation for that place. Only a healthy person can enjoy,so have precaution dear.

9.Care of the Children – If your children ,your little brother and loving sister is healthy your home is shining otherwise everyone will be engaged in hospital and clinic. Please keep them safe with proper warm measure. While going school ,in the morning and evening. Its your duty to cheque for them.

10. For our elders -those who have crossed 50. Take special precaution for them. Not ignore them.Arrange warm measure for them also. Older one need more clothes. Keep their room clean and warm. Otherwise his ailments will disturb your life. So be careful.

Dear all there are a lot of problems to discuss. . . . Will certainly discuss.Put your problem we will try to solve it.

Dr.Abhay Kumar
Senior H.S. ,
Dept. of Surgery,

Flood & Disease . . .

September 13, 2008 by

Hello every body ,

The situation of Araria dist. is very pitiable. . . . . Flood has destroyed the home. . . Destroyed the crops. . . Destroyed the family. . . . Hungery law of the flood is not only confined here ,Now the problem is the spreading disease. In Araria town and nearby place many of the health camp is being organised by the various NGO’s and by the govt.But still the situation is same. The patient from diarrhea is increasing day by day.The people are afraid of the situation. The dist. hospital is full from the patient. Many of the doctors is also affected from the same.Many doctors,from other place is not getting the proper diet and room to live. Still they are involve to serve the people.There is requirement of more doctors and more health fascility is required.

हाँ बाढ़ ……..

September 3, 2008 by

तुम सौगात लेकर आए,

हाँ ,सौगात लेकर आए तुम,

मिस्टी ,प्रेम ,और खुसी की नहीं ,

रुदन ,क्रंदन ,दर्द ,चीत्कार,

और आंसू के .हाँ बाढ़ ……..

तुमने हमें लूटा नहीं ,

बस दिया है –

एक अनंत और अमीट पीड़ा .

छीनकर  मेरे लाल को,

मिटाकर मेरे सिंदूर को ,

ज़ुदाकर मेरी  माँ को ,

हाँ बाढ़ ,तुमने हमें लूटा नहीं ,

बस दिया है –

रुदन ,क्रंदन ,दर्द ,चीत्कार,

और आंसू……..अब मेरे आंसू भी ,

सूख चुके हैं ;

मैं अब मस्त हूँ ,

अपने घर से दूर ,

स्टेशन,चौक ,

और तम्बुओं  में .

कोई डर नहीं अब ,

अथाह साहस दिया है ,

तुमने मुझे .

तुम सौगात लेकर आए,

शांति ,समृधि ,खुशाली की नहीं ;

दर्द ,चित्कार और बलात्कार  के,

देखकर अपने हीं,

बहन और बेटी के ….

मेरे अब रोंगटे ,

खड़े नहीं होते ,

भावनाएं अब फीकी ,

पड़ चुकी है …

तुम्हे क्या लगता है ,

मानवता को तुमने ,

नष्ट कर दिया है ?

तेरे हुंकार से मैं ,

मर जाऊंगा ?

अरे तुम ,

मरे को  क्या मारते हो ?

मारना  है तो उसे मारो ,

जिवीत होने का जो ,

ढोंग कर रहे हैं.

तांडव कर रहा ,

राजनीति के ,

जंजाल बनाकर;

हाँ उसे गिलो ,

जिसने तुम्हे यह रूप दिया …

कब तक तुम ,

हमें नस्ट करोगे ?

कब तक …….?

गेहूं के खेत ,

फिर हरे होंगे ….

हाँ बाढ़ ……..

फिर मेरे परिजन लौटेंगे ,

फिर किलकारियां होंगी,

मेरे  आँगन में ……..

Flood & Health in north Bihar

August 29, 2008 by

The water level is gradually increasing….. i have lost communication from my village,Mohania,Palasi,araria…………Very panic situation, it is….. come and have your hand…..The situation is going worse and worse. . . . The major problem is lack of the inches of the lands. . . . The poisonous insects and serpents. .. . . The empty stomach. . . . And the dear of the dangerous situation. . . . The flood is engulfing the life. . .

The swollen Kosi continued to wreak havoc in 725 villages of flood-hit Madhepura, Araria, Supaul and Saharsa districts of the state on Thursday affecting lives of 19.86 lakh people. Making things worse is an increasing trend of water discharge in the river which has crossed the 1.7-lakh-cusec mark. It stood at 1.67 lakh cusecs on Wednesday.

Official reports put the toll at just 12 while reports emanating from the spot say that the actual number of deaths is much higher. Eight deaths have been reported from Madhepura so far while the corresponding figure for Sahrasa is four.

The Army, along with the National Disaster Rescue Force (NDRF), Special Auxiliary Police (SAP) and the state police, is engaged in relief and rescue works in Supaul and Araria districts.

“Evacuation has been given the top priority and 532 boats have been pressed into service for the purpose,” said Pratyaya Amrit, additional commissioner, disaster management department. He said that more boats were being sent to the affected districts and in the next two days more than 900 boats would be available for evacuation.

With over one lakh people evacuated so far, the state government has set up 102 relief and 53 medical camps for housing the flood-hit.

Indian Air Force choppers are engaged in dropping food packets for those still trapped in the flood waters. So far, 22,440 food packets have been dropped by these choppers.

A water resources development (WRD) department press note on Thursday read that that the water discharge from Barah Kshetra of Nepal into the Kosi was maintaining an increasing trend.

It also read that the water gushing in through the breach in the eastern Kosi afflux bund at Kusaha in Nepal was spreading to low-lying areas of Madhepura, Supaul, Madhepura and Araria.

A press note of the Central Water Commission (CWC) said that most of the rivers, including the Ganga, Burhi Gandak, Bagmati, Kamla Balan, Kosi and Mahananda, were flowing well above the danger mark.

Meanwhile, chief minister Nitish Kumar has urged the Centre to constitute a battalion of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in Bihar. In a letter handed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at Purnia on Thursday, Nitish said the Disaster Management Act provides for this.

If there will be more need of the doctors. . . We will surely come ahead with our team. . . . .

Dr.Abhay Kumar,H.S.
Dept. of Surgery ,

Rabies : A fatal disease

August 18, 2008 by

Dear friends ,

rabies is very fatal disease. .. Also called hydro phobia.I am giving special stress for it. . . Because in day to day life you or your neighbour and colleagues may be bitten by the rabid dog ,that leads to fatal disease Rabies.Its really very dangerous if you ignore the dog,bat ,cat , jackel ,monkey or some other animals bite.You may loss your beloved’s life.

What to if dog bite ?

1. Wash the wound or lacerated are with soap. Just leave it open. Dont close the wound. Have an tet-vac. inj. /i.m. And consult nearby doctor ,Hospital.

2. The vaccin for the rabies is freely available by the govt. in the hospital. 5 primary and one booster dose is given for the bite.

3. Watch the dog and its activity. Dont kill the dog for next 2 wk. If any suspicious symptom appear in the dog then inform the doctor. This dog is signed as rabid dog and such dog bite causes the rabies. Not all dog bite causes the disease.
4. In the rural area i often watch that the people believe in Jhad foonk, consult Tantrik,do havan and puja , believe in jangli medicine. All these may be fatal for you. Beware with these .. . .

I will say a case history of it soon.

Heath problem and Araria,Bihar

August 4, 2008 by

Dear Ararians,

Come hark and share. . . Why are we backward ?In field of education ?In field of fascility. . . In field of economy. . . And at last in field of Health. . .

The main reason behind is that our Araria dist. is educationally backward.And the poverty is the second enemy of our dist. Also we dont have good ,powerful and honest leader. These make our dist. Backward in whole Bihar.

Now i focuss especially in healt fascility. It is worst. No proper management is at Araria. Reason is not only the lack of doctors but also the mentality of the people. Amazine it is dist. Town but here is not a single Obs. & Gynae. Doctor. Why ? Have you tried the cause. . . Because the people dominate over the doctor. They even beat the doctor without maintaining discipline. If the doctor is not secure ,why will they serve ?You people have to suffer till you change your mentality. A good doctor is not going to serve you if you dont give them regard. If you have the same situation then you have to run Purnea,pat. or somewhere else for treatment. So i sincerely request you all people to have patience and give regard to the doctors. If you do same ,more good doctors will stay here. You will be benefitted. Can you imagine in your dist. Araria you dont have good surgeon. Not good ortho. doctor. Not ent specialist. Why ?It is you people who is responsible.

And also try to understand the situation. Always consult well qualified doctor. Dont have treatment from quack. Health is wealth dear. Your life is precious ,give value. Support the doctors to improve the health status of Araria.


Dr.Abhay Kumar,

Rainy season and your problem. .

July 30, 2008 by

Dear folks. .

This is rainy season. . . This season invites diseases like cough and cold ,viral fever ,diarrhea ,eye problems ,skin infection. . . Etc.

So be cautious and be away from these common problems.
Do these. .
1. Keep your surroundings clean ,sweep your room. . . Wear dry and clean cloth.

2.Give your cloths/bed/mattress to exposure of sunlight regularly,it will kill many bacteria that invites the disease.

3. Take safe and clean water. Use filter water/chlorinated or boiled water particularly in this reason. Chances of contamination increases in this season. It will keep you away from many disease.

4. Take parasol while going outside. The rain drops may invite cough and cold. . . And fever. Especially the prone.

5. Dont take chat ,golgappa or Tikka etc from thelawala. . . These are the reservoir of the disease.Especially the girls like so.

And anybody having quarry may ask. .


Dr.(Cap.) S.R.Jha -The real Hero

July 16, 2008 by


Dr.Jha is real hero of our Araria dist.Now a days he is approx. 65 yrs old but still young with his work.At present he is chairman IMA,ARARIA.He is great not only in field of medical science but also in social works. . . He is a good writer,good thinker and good artist. . . I met him 2 month back. I was amazed,such a great personality met me like a friend. . . His nursing home is at Azad Nagar. . . Not well decorated ,not well equipped but he cares the patient with minimum money.